The range of services offered by Gilmore Oil services International Limited includes but not limited to the following-

(1)Oilfield Procurement, Maintenance And Repairs Services

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED offers topnotch solutions to operators in the oil and gas industry through our reliable sourcing, stocking, repairs and maintenance of several oilfield tools and equipment. We are defined by our reliability, customer-eccentric and results-driven processes that get our customers to their targets, with a great amount of efficiency and precision.
We pride ourselves for our comprehensive portfolio of standard and customized well completion and service tools, sourced from only the most reliable manufacturers around the world. We carry both familiar and hard-to-find oilfield supplies and spares, backed by a strong after-sales support.
We are globally renowned for our technical expertise in procuring, maintaining and refurbishing offshore cranes, winches and lifting equipment. Our Service Team consists of oil and gas experts who are knowledgeable on how it is to work in the field, thus able to provide fit-for-purpose solutions with fast turnover. Our tools and equipment meet international standards, particularly in Load Test and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). Meanwhile, our facilities streamline the manufacturing process, therefore guaranteeing an above-benchmark lead time on down hole, handling and rotary units,hydraulic energy units, extensions and bails, spare parts and other tools and equipment.
Our products and services are broadly categorized into support completions, production and operations. They are designed to be durable and flexible in the field to get the job right safely for our customers who usually require installations in potentially hazardous locations. To ensure we carry out installations, operations, maintenance and repairs in the safest way possible, we strictly impose familiarity of operational manuals for each of our tools and equipment, and thoroughly train our personnel on all necessary procedures.

(2)Offshore Construction Services

We at GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED , in concert with our technical partners, conduct some of the most rigorous construction projects in the upstream market. Our main areas of operation cover sub sea field construction, umbilical, flow line and riser deployment, both onshore and offshore. Our construction services, specifically, enable our customers to execute projects even in rugged, extremely challenging environs. We are committed to offer only the best services that get our target customers to their desired outcome, with our vast experience and technical knowledge.
With our company’s fabrication driven business model, we offer a complete range of superior offshore constructions, coupled with a high standard in in-house services such as engineering, purchasing, installation, production, commissioning, and project management.
With solid years of experience, we have, since inception, constructed and delivered offshore modules, oil and gas structures and on-ship construction services, to the satisfaction of our customers. We offer our quality services at market competitive rates which, integrated with our strong offshore capabilities and core values, fully serve the international oil and gas industry. Our internal processes can safely handle operations regardless of scale, especially in the areas of cost control, planning, execution and quality management.
We have a positive track record of construction success, either directly as a contractor or indirectly as a subcontractor. All of our teams function as an integrated unit, while taking on projects at any given location or weather condition. Every one of us shares an unwavering dedication to the successful implementation and completion of all projects. Our thorough understanding of the life cycles of each operational component allows us to optimize and re-calibrate the overall configuration, from the first stage of conceptualization to production. We are equipped with the latest industry tools and software to provide insightful engineering analysis required for a range of construction projects.

(3)Offshore/Sub-sea Services

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a specialist in sub-sea construction and removal services, catering for offshore operations like Pipeline, Flow line & Facilities Construction & Repairs, Cathodic Protection, Fabrication & Installation, Upgrade & Commissioning of Crude Oil & Gas Process Facilities, Pressure testing, pipeline cleaning and pigging, Oil spill control, Containment and Clean-up, flow line and pipeline leak repairs, and well-head upgrades, Flow Station & Well-head Operations, Pressure Vessel Cleaning, Inspection & Repairs.

We execute our maintenance and repair commissions with first class auxiliary facilities and service vessels to prevent corrosion in operating areas. Relative to the project requirements, we have a specialized, highly trained unit for underwater deployment. They are very much capable to provide services such as inspection of pipelines, sub-sea modules, jackets and monopoles, as well as troubleshooting services. For offshore modules that are difficult to reach, we offer rope access as additional service.

We specifically work on sub-sea operations for the oil gas industry.
Over the years, we have actively offered offshore services, whereby efficiency and safety are our primary concern.

(4)Manpower Provision And Support Services.

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED provides full manpower services to Oil & Gas companies, both for downstream and upstream operations and preventive maintenance. We have an extensive database of both local and foreign skilled and qualified industry personnel for immediate deployment, in support of customers’ technical, professional, administrative and operational requirements. These talents within our wide network of resources enable us to meet even the most discriminating staffing requirements with high amount of professionalism.
Our Manpower Sourcing team is dedicated to help customers execute projects successfully, by engaging the right talents at the right time, within the shortest period, and at competitive rates.