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Welcome To Gilmore Oil Services LLC

GILMORE OIL SERVICES LLC is an Integrated Oil and Gas Servicing Company established in 2009 with Head Office in London, United Kingdom and  branch offices in Los Angeles California and Houston, Texas U.S.A.. we are dedicated to the planning and managing the operations,maintenance of offshore oil & gas rigs and power plants. Maintenance of Oil storage facilities, offshore and onshore oil drilling to ensure that safe operational performance is optimized, that availability is maximized and that cost is minimized. we specialize in maintaining our clients’ production facilities and so that they do what they should at minimum cost and on time.

Several major international and national oil companies and other clients entrust us with the Operation & Maintenance of their production facilities. In doing so, they can focus on their core activities while benefiting from over many years of experience our team has accumulated in operating and maintaining hundreds of production facility & installations around the world. This has enabled us to develop an unrivaled understanding of how, when and where to apply the most effective operational methods and specialist maintenance technology.

Our thorough knowledge of all the major types of plant, equipment, and components means that otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities can be consolidated, coordinated and managed by a trusted independent contractor/ partner.
Gilmore Oil has extensive experience of cleaning of oil spill,maintenance of Oil storage facilities,maintenance of oil pipeline. Typical projects include integrating Brownfield projects into operating facilities, turnaround planning and management. Our last projects were a greenfield sour shale gas processing facility design with procurement and site construction assistance and a packaged facility for vehicle refueling. Gilmore Oil operations workforce must be competent and qualified to prevent spills, releases and safety incidents, as well as to increase productivity and operational reliability.

Our business is maintaining energy. Maintenance is essentially a tool to maintain and increase production
Our proficiency spans through Project Management, Oil and Gas Piping/Pipeline Construction, Fabrication and Installations of Oil Facilities such as Metering Station, Flow Station, Platform & Jacket, Emergency Pipeline Leak Repairs & Maintenance, Inspection and pigging services, Mechanical Installations and Facilities Maintenance with all its associated works such as civil, electrical, instrumentation and CP Systems.
We provide all these with cutting-edge engineering services to all our clients by adopting core values of integrity, trust, customer satisfaction thereby retaining their confidence.
We have also formed strategic partnerships with manufacturers of oilfield equipment, as well as technical partnerships for specialized services, with top tier Fortune-500 companies; private sector investors; local communities and the general public. We are empowered by our passionate desire for greater results. Our acuity and operational intensity in optimizing work processes help meet every customer’s unique needs and preference.

Our Vision, Values , Strategy & HSE Policy.

We set out to be the most sought-after energy services contractor that satisfies and, where possible, exceeds customers’ expectations of service, through innovative application of skills and cutting edge technology. We aim to be known for our great people, topnotch customer service, and operational efficiency.
In this regard, we are driven by the following core values:
Operational Safety. We take an optimistic and commercially aware approach to every opportunity or challenge our company is faced with, but we always put employees’ safety as primary concern.
Dedication to Quality. We are passionate about delivering world-class products and services, and take pride in doing so.
Social Responsibility. We take responsibility for our collective actions, and we work hand-in-hand to contribute to the good of our customers and the community we are part of.
Integrity. As a company, we set the highest standards in ethics and professionalism at all times. Our corporate relationships are built on trust, respect and transparency.

Our Strategy
At GILMORE OIL SERVICES LLC, our overarching strategy is to leverage our organizational competencies and wide network of resources to meet our customers’ varying needs. Our products and services are aimed at complementing operational aspirations, making us the first and preferred option for our customers.
To support our goals, we commit ourselves to maintaining and, wherever applicable, growing our dedication to operational safety and efficiency, social and environmental responsibility in both onshore and offshore operations, and complementary alliances with public and private entities. This all begins with a familiarity of the oil and gas industry and how it operates, anchored on the first principles of business.
As a company, we continuously strive for product and service innovation and diversity, not only to increase and stabilize our revenue base, but also to provide world class and personalized offers to industry practitioners. Our primary objective is to keep our systems in compliance with international standards, such as the ISO 9001 QMS.
As a preferred employer, we consciously develop human capital to build systemic insight, confidently engage customers in outthinking challenges, ensure efficient implementation of project methodologies, and create and capture value for the customer wherever feasible. Our teams of technical and management experts are continuously equipped with sector knowledge and training relevant to their field of work.
Our HSE Policy
At GILMORE OIL SERVICES LLC, we ensure to put Health, Safety and Environment first. We consider the protection and observance of HSE as fundamental principle and corporate responsibility that guide our decision-making across all levels of the organization. Together with our senior management, we work to be an industry leader in HSE Preventive Culture.
Our company considers HSE as line management responsibilities, which need the commitment of all employees to be effective. To this end, we require all our employees to carry out their work with full and proper regard to their own health and safety and those of other persons who may be affected by their activities. In addition, all employees need to carry out their work in such a way that any detrimental environmental impact is reduced to the barest minimum.
We take pride in sourcing, deploying and servicing products and systems that facilitate sustainability in the oil and gas industry. We observe our HSE Preventive Culture in all aspects and venues of our operations by ensuring everyone—our employees and immediate communities—are protected from possible occupational illness or work-related accident.
Additionally, we strive to responsibly manage and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, and maintain a good working relationship with our host communities. In order to achieve this, our company will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice and will co-operate with the appropriate regulatory authorities.
Specifically, we commit to:
Observe that all our processes and operations are in line with local HSE statutory requirements;
Use industry accepted levels of good oil and gas HSE practice;
Establish transparency in HSE performance criteria for constructive internal and external cascade;
Develop and observe a strategically sound HSE Management System;
Hold everyone in the company—from management, to staff and contractors—accountable for HSE deployment and practice within their scope of work;
Develop a functional HSE culture in the company through continuous training and effective organizational communication;
Conduct regular HSE compliance reviews to identify possible loopholes in the process and ensure compliance with both local and internal industry standards and regulations;
Continuously improve our HSE policy metrics through periodic reviews;
Establish positive relationships by way of constructive and transparent mutual dialog with local lawmakers, authorities and concerned individuals, on matters pertaining to HSE and common interests; and,
Observe that optimum security standards are maintained to protect employees, customers, company assets and all relevant information.

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