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GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC is an Integrated Oil and Gas Servicing Company established in 2009 with Head Office in London, United Kingdom and  branch offices in Los Angeles California and Houston, Texas U.S.A. we are dedicated to the planning and managing the operations,maintenance of offshore oil & gas rigs and power plants. Maintenance of Oil storage facilities, offshore and onshore oil drilling to ensure that safe operational performance is optimized, that availability is maximized and that cost is minimized. we specialize in maintaining our clients’ production facilities and so that they do what they should at minimum cost and on time.

Several major international and national oil companies and other clients entrust us with the Operation & Maintenance of their production facilities. In doing so, they can focus on their core activities while benefiting from over many years of experience our team has accumulated in operating and maintaining hundreds of production facility & installations around the world. This has enabled us to develop an unrivaled understanding of how, when and where to apply the most effective operational methods and specialist maintenance technology.

Our thorough knowledge of all the major types of plant, equipment, and components means that otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities can be consolidated, coordinated and managed by a trusted independent contractor/ partner.

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Our Area Of Specialization

At GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC our Area of Specialization includes but not limited to the following services.


Oilfield Procurement, Maintenance And Repairs Services

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC offers topnotch solutions to operators in the oil and gas industry through our reliable sourcing, stocking, repairs and maintenance of several oilfield tools and equipment. We are defined by our reliability, customer-centric and results-driven processes that get our customers to their targets, with a great amount of efficiency and precision..

Manpower Provision And Support Services.

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC provides full manpower services to Oil & Gas companies, both for downstream and upstream operations and preventive maintenance. We have an extensive database of both local and foreign skilled and qualified industry personnel for immediate deployment, in support of customers’ technical, professional, administrative and operational requirements. These talents within our wide network of resources enable us to meet even the most discriminating staffing requirements with high amount of professionalism

Offshore Construction Services

We at GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL in concert with our technical partners, conduct some of the most rigorous construction projects in the upstream market. Our main areas of operation cover sub-sea oil field construction, umbilical, flow line and riser deployment, both onshore and offshore. Our construction services, specifically, enable our customers to execute projects even in rugged, extremely challenging environs. We are committed to offer only the best services that get our target customers to their desired outcome, with our vast experience and technical knowledge

Pipeline Maintenance Services

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC provides on-going maintenance services for existing pipeline facility systems. Our experienced professionals are U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Operator Qualified (OQ). OQ personnel routinely provide pipeline trouble-shooting and general maintenance work, service live equipment and complete a wide range of other special services. Hydrostatic Testing Anomaly Investigation and Segment Repair Facility Dismantle and Demolition Welded Sleeve Installation Composite Sleeve Installation Pipe Integrity Wrap and Coating Pipe Re-coating Pipe Cut-outs Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Tool Loading and Receiving and Pigging Support Hydrovac Excavation Mechanical Excavation Valve Maintenance and Change Outs Line Lowering and Depth of Cover Restoration Right-of-Way Clearing and Restoration Cathodic Protection GILMORE has a solid reputation for successfully completing some of the most challenging outages, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the project requires. We focus on maintaining our strong safety record and quality workmanship.

Offshore/Subsea Services

GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LLC is a specialist in Subsea construction and removal services, catering for offshore operations like Pipeline, Flow line & Facilities Construction & Repairs, Cathodic Protection, Fabrication & Installation, Upgrade & Commissioning of Crude Oil & Gas Process Facilities, Pressure testing, pipeline cleaning and pigging, Oil spill control, Containment and Clean-up, flow line and pipeline leak repairs, and well-head upgrades, Flow Station & Well-head Operations, Pressure Vessel Cleaning, Inspection & Repairs.

Pipeline Blasting / Coating / Painting Services

It’s true that nothing lasts forever. Pipelines are no different; however, extending the life and protecting your valuable assets is another area where we excel. The proper application of pipeline coatings is an essential element to the successful long-term integrity of a pipeline. GILMORE OIL SERVICES offers comprehensive pipeline blasting, coating, and painting services and we’ve invested heavily in the right people, tools, and equipment to ensure pipeline preservation. We are experts in the spray application of multiple pipeline coatings and use the latest technology in Plural Component Spray Systems. We follow our clients’ specifications to the highest degree of accuracy to ensure a corrosion prevention coating system that will help extend the life of the pipeline. Not only does GILMORE have its own Blasting / Coating / Painting facility, we also have mobile spray trailers, expanding our capabilities in the field for pipeline integrity digs, and maintenance projects. Field External Liquid Coating for Below Ground Field Paint System for Above Ground Shop Application Below Ground External Liquid Coating Shop Application Above Ground Paint.

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Dennis Graham

VP/Exploration & Production British Petroleum Plc

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, Gilmore Oil Services International Limited are the Team I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach to our Offshore rig maintenance jobs are what I love about them.

Frank Durrant

Chief Operating Officer,Premier Oil Plc

Gilmore Oil Services International Limited is a company we can always rely on and they always go the extra mile for us. They are always fast, efficient, and have competitive pricing. I would recommend working with Gilmore Oil for any Oilfield maintenance project. Thank you for your continuous exceptional service!”

Our Management Team

Gilmore Oil Services International LLC is managed by our amiable and experienced CEO,Engineer Joseph Allen and other members of the Team appointed by him


GILMORE OIL SERVICE INTERNATIONAL LLC is owned and managed by Engineer Joseph Allen who oversees to the day to day management of the Company.

Engineer Joseph Allen started Gilmore Oil Services International LLC in 2005 after working 23 years in British Petroleum, He is responsible for sourcing, locating, and structuring acquisitions and development opportunities. He works with the management team, monitoring operating activities and approving capital allocation decisions. Mr. Allen holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester and subsequently obtained two masters degree from the University of Aberdeen and Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, he worked with Amoco production company Houston Texas as an offshore production engineer he later joined Shell in Netherlands as a senior offshore maintenance engineer and later joined British Petroleum as Senior Offshore Platform Maintenance Engineer, he worked till he retired and founded in 2005 GILMORE OIL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED which focused on providing Offshore support services to Oil exploration and production Companies in the United Kingdom, Canada,United States and worldwide. Mr. Allen oversees the day to day management of the company.